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    What type of man do you attract? (9)
    Do you know that your clothes, body language and behavior are very expressive? This test will help you to estimate yourself and find out what type of men you attract. When answering, try to distract from real conditions of your life and choose the answer instinctively.

    Secret of your smile (1)
    Those who know pantomime assert that a person can be also characterized by the way he smiles. How do you laugh?

    Your style (for men) (14)
    This test helps to determine your style in clothes.

    Beautiful woman (10)
    Are you surprised at the name of the test? This test will help you to determine how much you take care of yourself and what you do to become more beautiful.

    What style do you prefer? (16)
    This test is for women. Each girl dreams to be beautiful and stylish. But very often the problem is what to wear. Our test will help you to determine what matches you perfectly and what makes you look ridiculous.

    How do you choose purchases? (10)
    Reply the questions of this test to find out what type of the customer you are.

    Woman's posture (1)
    It is said that a woman's sitting posture reveals a great deal about the kind of person she is

    Am I a star? (9)
    Imagine, that you are a star! Life is like a holiday with endless parties. Can you live such life? Answer these questions to find out if you have something in common with Madonna or Sharon Stone:

    Your style of communication. (20)
    This test helps to define style of your behavior.

    Clothes (10)
    There are questions about clothes in this test.

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