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    Your erotic type. (1)
    Discover youself.
    Link code:
    <a target=_blank href="//tests.rin.ru/cgi-bin/test_e.cgi?N=0&test=323"> Your erotic type. </a>

    What type of man do you attract? (9)
    Do you know that your clothes, body language and behavior are very expressive? This test will help you to estimate yourself and find out what type of men you attract. When answering, try to distract from real conditions of your life and choose the answer instinctively.
    Link code:
    <a target=_blank href="//tests.rin.ru/cgi-bin/test_e.cgi?N=0&test=128"> What type of man do you attract? </a>

    How lesbian are you? (9)
    For women. More or less all women are inclined to homosexuality. The question is to what extent... Let us check it!
    Link code:
    <a target=_blank href="//tests.rin.ru/cgi-bin/test_e.cgi?N=0&test=126"> How lesbian are you? </a>

    How others see you (10)
    This simple test lets you know how others see you.
    Link code:
    <a target=_blank href="//tests.rin.ru/cgi-bin/test_e.cgi?N=0&test=17"> How others see you </a>

    Are you ready for sex? (6)
    "Sex is cool!", your friends assert leerily. Maybe cool... How could you know it, if you still never tried? But you want it so much! Before flinging yourself into the exciting world of sex, will you please find out if you are ready? First answer to our test not to doubt at the push "Do I really need this?"
    Link code:
    <a target=_blank href="//tests.rin.ru/cgi-bin/test_e.cgi?N=0&test=105"> Are you ready for sex? </a>

    What is your character? (7)
    Give yes/no answers.
    Link code:
    <a target=_blank href="//tests.rin.ru/cgi-bin/test_e.cgi?N=0&test=155"> What is your character? </a>

    Favourite colour (1)
    Your favorite color will tend to be chosen by you especially in your clothing and home decor -- it's the one that mirrors the sexual you. Psychologists have found an association between color and sexual patterns
    Link code:
    <a target=_blank href="//tests.rin.ru/cgi-bin/test_e.cgi?N=0&test=15"> Favourite colour </a>

    Secret of your smile (1)
    Those who know pantomime assert that a person can be also characterized by the way he smiles. How do you laugh?
    Link code:
    <a target=_blank href="//tests.rin.ru/cgi-bin/test_e.cgi?N=0&test=222"> Secret of your smile </a>

    Just how weird are you? (40)
    Many occultists, pagans, geeks, goths, physicists, book-store owners, students and little old men like to claim that they are weird, at least when faced with obviously normal company. But how true is it? After all, there's a lot more to being weird than just knowing some funky stuff. To find out if you really do have the sort of mind, just go through the test.
    Link code:
    <a target=_blank href="//tests.rin.ru/cgi-bin/test_e.cgi?N=0&test=110"> Just how weird are you? </a>

    Shower (1)
    The test describes you according to the part of body you wash first in the shower.
    Link code:
    <a target=_blank href="//tests.rin.ru/cgi-bin/test_e.cgi?N=0&test=23"> Shower </a>

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