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    Are you lazy? (10)
    Laziness is considered to be an inalienable feature of the Russian character. How do you size up yourself in this respect? Are you ready to active work? Let's find it out with the help of our test.
    Link code:
    <a target=_blank href="//tests.rin.ru/cgi-bin/test_e.cgi?N=0&test=88"> Are you lazy? </a>

    Vacation flirtation or true love? (20)
    A fine opportunity to understand your feelings. Answer "Yes" or "No".
    Link code:
    <a target=_blank href="//tests.rin.ru/cgi-bin/test_e.cgi?N=0&test=340"> Vacation flirtation or true love? </a>

    Beautiful woman (10)
    Are you surprised at the name of the test? This test will help you to determine how much you take care of yourself and what you do to become more beautiful.
    Link code:
    <a target=_blank href="//tests.rin.ru/cgi-bin/test_e.cgi?N=0&test=20"> Beautiful woman </a>

    Do people like you? (10)
    What do people feel about you? Are you interesting for them? The test questions are aimed to finding out your status.
    Link code:
    <a target=_blank href="//tests.rin.ru/cgi-bin/test_e.cgi?N=0&test=40"> Do people like you? </a>

    Impostor syndrome (for men) (9)
    Sometimes, at the moment of success people feel fear. Suddenly they became sure that they have just cheated everybody. And it's going to be revealed and they are going to be exposed to shame. If you are ever going to achieve success, this test will help to identify a so called impostor syndrome. Try it!
    Link code:
    <a target=_blank href="//tests.rin.ru/cgi-bin/test_e.cgi?N=0&test=336"> Impostor syndrome (for men) </a>

    What style do you prefer? (16)
    This test is for women. Each girl dreams to be beautiful and stylish. But very often the problem is what to wear. Our test will help you to determine what matches you perfectly and what makes you look ridiculous.
    Link code:
    <a target=_blank href="//tests.rin.ru/cgi-bin/test_e.cgi?N=0&test=77"> What style do you prefer? </a>

    Good parent? (10)
    Are you a good parent? Find it out with the help of this test.
    Link code:
    <a target=_blank href="//tests.rin.ru/cgi-bin/test_e.cgi?N=0&test=27"> Good parent? </a>

    Career. (10)
    Are you ambitious and want to climb the ladder? What aims do you set? How much will you sacrifice for the sake of their achievement? Our test will help you to answer these questions.
    Link code:
    <a target=_blank href="//tests.rin.ru/cgi-bin/test_e.cgi?N=0&test=78"> Career. </a>

    You and your relatives-in-low (9)
    This test for women helps to identify if your relatives-in-low can spoil your life.
    Link code:
    <a target=_blank href="//tests.rin.ru/cgi-bin/test_e.cgi?N=0&test=114"> You and your relatives-in-low </a>

    What work do you prefer? (10)
    The test will help you to define what is better for you: work alone or in a big team.
    Link code:
    <a target=_blank href="//tests.rin.ru/cgi-bin/test_e.cgi?N=0&test=151"> What work do you prefer? </a>

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