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    Handshake (1)
    The way people shake hands often tell us something about their personality or their state of mind at a given time
    Link code:
    <a target=_blank href="//tests.rin.ru/cgi-bin/test_e.cgi?N=0&test=51"> Handshake </a>

    Are you a good businessman? (21)
    Find out, what quality necessary for enterprise activity you possess. This test will help you to decide whether you will succeed in your own business.
    Link code:
    <a target=_blank href="//tests.rin.ru/cgi-bin/test_e.cgi?N=0&test=79"> Are you a good businessman? </a>

    Do you think you are sexual? (10)
    Do you want to know how sexual you are? Our test will help you to understand what role sex plays in your life, whether you can do without it or not, if sex without love is possible in your understanding or you do not share the feeling and bed. There is only one obligatory requirement: you answer fairly, do not use cunning and do not try to look more relaxed (or on the contrary, modest) than you are actually.
    Link code:
    <a target=_blank href="//tests.rin.ru/cgi-bin/test_e.cgi?N=0&test=344"> Do you think you are sexual? </a>

    Do you have sex appeal? (6)
    Just answer "yes" or "no" and check it up.
    Link code:
    <a target=_blank href="//tests.rin.ru/cgi-bin/test_e.cgi?N=0&test=194"> Do you have sex appeal? </a>

    What kind of person are you ? (15)
    Try honestly, not deceiving yourself, answer 15 questions of the test.
    Link code:
    <a target=_blank href="//tests.rin.ru/cgi-bin/test_e.cgi?N=0&test=43"> What kind of person are you ? </a>

    Are you charming? (8)
    This test helps you to realize the level of your charm.
    Link code:
    <a target=_blank href="//tests.rin.ru/cgi-bin/test_e.cgi?N=0&test=144"> Are you charming? </a>

    Male and Female features of your character (5)
    The test defines proportion of male's and femaile's features in a person's character.
    Link code:
    <a target=_blank href="//tests.rin.ru/cgi-bin/test_e.cgi?N=0&test=71"> Male and Female features of your character </a>

    Are you inclined to gambling? (5)
    This test is to help you determine if you are inclined to gambling.
    Link code:
    <a target=_blank href="//tests.rin.ru/cgi-bin/test_e.cgi?N=0&test=334"> Are you inclined to gambling? </a>

    Your spouse (10)
    This test will show you whether you know your spouse or not.
    Link code:
    <a target=_blank href="//tests.rin.ru/cgi-bin/test_e.cgi?N=0&test=25"> Your spouse </a>

    Your element in love (5)
    Your element is not supposed to coincide with the zodiac element. Due to the test you will learn who you are in relations with men: Fire, Air, Earth or Water.
    Link code:
    <a target=_blank href="//tests.rin.ru/cgi-bin/test_e.cgi?N=0&test=339"> Your element in love </a>

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