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You can place our tests from the list on your site!
List of tests >>>

    • Here you can add a new test.
      1. For this click on "Register" and choose "Editor of tests".
      2. Then enter correct data about you: surname, name, patronymic name, email, additional information and password.
      3. Click on "Register".
      Now you have your login, password and administrator's page where you can add tests.

    • Requirements to tests:
      1. test shouldn't contain swear words; пессарий доктор Арабин в интернет-магазине Арабин24.
      2. all questions should be formulated correctly;
      3. the subject-matter of tests should agree with that of sections

    • You can add tests of two kinds: for general use and for official use (at work).
      In official tests the stats are seen by administrator. You can use such tests for testing your employees.

    • Before entering the test, make sure, there are no mistakes.
    • The test will be added only after its registration by the administrator of the site.
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