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    Answer to greeting (1)
    Greeting is customary phrases with which express disposition to each other. The answer to the greeting implies the attitude to people around us. What do we offer in change for attention we are paid to? Benevolence or hostility? Do we really take interest in others' affairs or are fixed on our troubles?

    Your make-up (1)
    Why do women have weakness for cosmetics? It's rather a strange question! The answer is a desire to make good impression, win disposition. Each woman has her own idea of what attractiveness is made up. When a lady takes powder or pens she tries to create image corresponding her ideal. A make-up chosen by a woman tells about her personality better than words.

    Do you suffer from consumerism? (7)
    This test will help you to find out if you suffer from consumerism.

    Do you care about your clothes? (15)
    This test helps to determine if you care about your clothes.

    Are you easily used? (6)
    Are you consequent in pursuit of your interest and do you offer the others using you? Can you refuse? The test will help you to answer these questions.

    Do you know guys? (10)
    Many girls fondly believe that they perfectly know the nature of men. If you want to know if this holds true for you, answer the questions of this test. Try to guess man's logic. This test is intended for 12-18 years old girls.

    Do you keep pace with fashion? (10)
    Test identifies how much do you know about fashion.

    Expressiveness of speech (1)
    One can learn much about his interlocutor's temperament and manner of communication from his speech rate. Sometimes it's easier to learn personality by his speech rhythm rather than what he talks about. One can hardly change the expressiveness of one's speech. At best it's possible for a while. But the best way to change the tempo of speech is to change mode of living. Do you like the way you talk or would you like to change it? If you want to know the answer to this question you should firstly answer another one: 'What is the tempo of my speech?'

    Blood group and image (1)
    Some foreign psychologists consider that blood group influences health, character and image of a person.

    Your image (10)
    From time to time any woman changes her image to draw attention to herself. May be she is just tired of long hair and it's not a problem to cut it to feel different. This test is for you to determine if you need any changes.

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