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    Blood group and image (1)
    Some foreign psychologists consider that blood group influences health, character and image of a person.

    Gentlemen qualities of real man (1)
    Nobody doubts that purposefulness, steady views, pleasant manners, interest in work, ability to create a certain image are essential traits for every man. But life is not so simple.

    Why are you so unlucky? (5)
    Sometimes it's not a pleasure to listen to the others boasting of their success when you are in troubles over head and ears. Quite often the reason of person's misfortunes is his unwillingness to reach success, though unconsciously. Let's cross t's and dot i's'. There are only 5 questions for you to answer.

    You and your food preferences (10)
    Food preferences can tell much about the character of a person. Probably on answering the questions you will get offended at those who made this test.

    Am I to blame? (8)
    When over drunk any person can do lots of shocking things. And the very next day you feel awkward and guilty. There are some people who are not ashamed of their aggressive behaviour at all. The curious point is that people are not always sure of the type they belong to. Let's find it out

    Vitamins as a way to beauty (10)
    Do you know a lot about beauty and health? Are you aware of the fact that vitamins stimulate all vital processes in organisms of all beings? Are all vitamins included in your nutrition or don't you care about them and just want your food to be tasty? This test will help you to answer all these questions.

    Can you use your charm? (5)
    Every woman is attractive in her own way but not everyone takes advantage of her charm. This test helps to determine if you use your fascination.

    You and your bag (1)
    Do you know that the bag can tell a lot about you?

    Your driving skills (19)
    Are you sure that you are a good driver? These questions will help you to answer the question.

    Pernicious habits (1)
    What do you prefer more: to breathe in aroma of new-mown grass or exhaust automobile gases? Revel in the sun on the seaside or be smoked under violet light of a quartz lamp? Listen to nightingale singing or shrill sound of ambulance siren? There is nothing to think about to answer these questions. Everyone prefers what is natural and pleasant. But sometimes we contradict ourselves and choose the opposite. That it how bad habits arouse. It's nonsense to think we are content with substitutes of our free will. Bad habits are substitution of pleasures, which we have to refuse, or are unavailable for some reason or other. But why is it so hard to give up a bad habit? One can hardly get rid of it under threatens and against his will. The only possible way to give it up is to clear up what missing pleasure you compensate with a bad habit.

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