Punishment for pranks

Full name of test: Punishment for pranks
Description: It is interesting to find out what punishment parents find the most effective, but their children - the most unjust one. In our childhood, after getting a good telling-off we all used to whisper ourselves 'It's unfair!' Observant parents, having found Achilles' heel of their child, get the effective method of having influence on their offspring. That doesn't matter if they master deliberate method. The important point is that abuse of punishment leads to distortion of child's self-expression. His further development is due to compensation - the child needs what he has been forbidden to do for a long while. When we are already grown-up, we are afraid of being deprived of our joys just like children. We protect ourselves from impingement on the most concealed things and restrict our joy. How did your parents punish you?
Kind of test: For general use


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