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    What is your private life? (19)
    Analyze your private life and define its place in your life. Source - "Your sexual portrait." by V.Kumar

    Do you know women's nature? (9)
    This test is for men.

    How can you uncover a future sadist in your sweetheart? (10)
    Often married women get surprised as what happened to their gallant men who suddenly turned to be monsters beating wives and children? There can be lots of reasons but, as people say, it's easier to prevent the illness than to cure it. This test will help young girls to discover disturbing symptoms.

    Your attitude towards love. (15)
    If you want to check out your attitude towards love and to compare your own views with those of a close person, read the questions below and answer 'Yes', 'No' or 'I don't know'.

    Are you a Lovelace? (9)
    Every man considers himself an expert in women, but does your girlfriend think so of you? The test will help you to learn it.

    Define your sex coefficient (for women). (6)
    We make claims on men. They fall asleep as soon as they slacken their embrace, they are not able to pay compliments, they are blind and deaf... They are just brutes! Well, what about us? Let us see it:

    15 features (30)
    The author Rachel Hunter offers women to find out how things are going with love. Just answer these thirty questions to learn it.

    In love on own volition? (10)
    What is love for you? Hurricane that grasps you entirely? A drug that excites, dims your eyes, deceives, makes you wear "rose-colored glasses" and trust illusions? Or maybe it's a fiction, weakness or just emotions. Can you control your feelings or maybe your passion guides you? This test will help you to find out whether you are ready to be in love or not:

    Do you know how to buy underthings? (For men only) (12)
    Check your ability in it, and if the result appears to be hopelessly - keep back from such gifts. After all she will have to wear it...

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