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    What lover is he? (12)
    A person without imagination is far from sexual improvisation. Test your friend before coming closer.

    Is it easy to deceive you? (6)
    Many women take on trust every word men say to them, other women don't. And what about you? Are you credulous or not? Is it easy to dupe you paying compliments? Let us see.

    What is the difference between women aged of 8, 18, 28, 38, 48 and 58? (10)
    The woman is a mystery. Find ten differences between women and men. Answer "Yes" or "No".

    How to make love in the hot weather? (5)
    Heat happens but life goes on. And the known process shouldn't be interrupted by any extreme circumstances. As they say, doing nothing doesn't mean to have a rest. And how do you solve the problem of full value of your private life?

    Do you know women? (For men) (10)
    Men think that they understand women's psychology. Aren't you mistaken, dear men? Just compare your opinion with the test results.

    How quick are you to fall in love? (10)
    This test can help you to check the adequacy of your perception of reality.

    Are you threatened with loneliness? (26)
    Did you ever reflect on the way you look in the eyes of men? Are they heroes in your presence or afraid of falling short of the occasion? Answer to the test and analyze the results to adjust the fire on the target called the Man immediately.

    Are you able to "revive" love? (7)
    In order that relationship between a man and a woman could develop normally, each side should do anything for it, even if a long-standing partnership is concerned. Find out how good you are at coping with the monotony of love.

    Friend or darling? (14)
    Relations between you and your friend are equal and quiet for a while. Will they develop in something deep and passionate in the course of time? Will he be your beloved? Our test can help to understand it.

    Are you faithful? (20)
    Let's check it up. The test is for women.

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