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    Is it possible to meet your prince on the beach? (5)
    Ladies go to the seaside with an obvious or secret purpose - to meet their darling there. Are you ready to resort romances?

    The test for knowledge of AIDS (25)
    Take advantage of our test to check up your knowledge of AIDS, its prophylaxis, symptoms and the ways of infection.

    What are your chances to find your sweetheart? (10)
    As we know from fairy tales, the search of a sweetheart is a very difficult business with unpredictable results. This test will help you to make things clear. To know your chances for the venture called "mutual love", choose the following "yes" or "no".

    Love, sex, friendship or miss? (5)
    For women. You feel embarrassed being frankly offered to have sex? Of course, it is only you to decide, but anyway it will be a great mistake to misestimate your feelings towards a man. For example, to confuse a passing sexual interest with a deep affection. Try to make it out with the help of our test.

    You and sex. (20)
    The test characterizes your attitude towards sex.

    Are you ready for sex? (For girls) (14)
    You think of sex, maybe you have already tasted 'it'. Your body is ready for love. The question is: are you mature enough for it as a personality? A too early experience can disappoint you. Maybe you'd better wait a little bit? This test will help you to find the right answer. The questions are intended for girls but boys can answer them too.

    Who will be your intended? (9)
    What kind of men will sigh for you - a philanderer or a incorrigible bore? Answer the questions to find it out with a certain degree of accuracy.

    Conceptions of love. (1)
    Girls believe in love at first sight. Men consider it a favorable opportunity. In our attitude towards love we reveal our ability to enjoy mutual love or to suffer from mutual misunderstanding.

    What kind of men is necessary for you? (6)
    Ought he to be a superman to make you feel safe? Or an associate, even bald and paunchy? Or maybe... The test will show it.

    "Is it really all over with him?" (6)
    For women

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