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    Your erotic type. (1)
    Discover youself.

    How lesbian are you? (9)
    For women. More or less all women are inclined to homosexuality. The question is to what extent... Let us check it!

    Are you ready for sex? (6)
    "Sex is cool!", your friends assert leerily. Maybe cool... How could you know it, if you still never tried? But you want it so much! Before flinging yourself into the exciting world of sex, will you please find out if you are ready? First answer to our test not to doubt at the push "Do I really need this?"

    Favourite colour (1)
    Your favorite color will tend to be chosen by you especially in your clothing and home decor -- it's the one that mirrors the sexual you. Psychologists have found an association between color and sexual patterns

    Shower (1)
    The test describes you according to the part of body you wash first in the shower.

    Do you think you are sexual? (10)
    Do you want to know how sexual you are? Our test will help you to understand what role sex plays in your life, whether you can do without it or not, if sex without love is possible in your understanding or you do not share the feeling and bed. There is only one obligatory requirement: you answer fairly, do not use cunning and do not try to look more relaxed (or on the contrary, modest) than you are actually.

    Do you have sex appeal? (6)
    Just answer "yes" or "no" and check it up.

    Your element in love (5)
    Your element is not supposed to coincide with the zodiac element. Due to the test you will learn who you are in relations with men: Fire, Air, Earth or Water.

    What Romeo does not lead lady by the nose! (25)
    This test will help you to define how far righteous your expectations concerning your partner are. Answer 'Yes' or 'No' to the statements given below.

    Vacation flirtation or true love? (20)
    A fine opportunity to understand your feelings. Answer "Yes" or "No".

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