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    Is your ambition adequate? (20)
    To achieve success in life and work, you should be rather an ambitious person. Find out, whether you estimate your potential objectively or, maybe, you think too much of yourself.

    You and Internet (10)
    Probably, this test is for those who are connected with computers and information technologies, who are real users of Internet. Test yourself and find out what kind of interrelation you have with the worldwide information network.

    The choice of profession (5)
    Let's test and find out what kind of profession is the best for you. Answer the questions.

    Estimation of inclination to business activity (20)
    'Encyclopedia of psychological tests', by L.Moskvina

    Are you inclined to think or act? (20)
    The test defines who you are by nature - a thinker or a worker. What activity is the best for you? Are you inclined to active, manual or intellectual labour, demanding long consideration?

    Do you believe in yourself? (10)
    Self-confidence is one of the most important factors of quick promotion and of good mood. Our test will help you to define if you believe in yourself and find out if you have problems in this field.

    Customer or creator? (8)
    The test helps to identify to what activity you are inclined more: to active, energetic, leading post or to routine but peaceful work.

    Can you spend money rationally? (15)
    What does it mean to spend money rationally? It's much more than just to buy a tuft of lettuce at a low price. Enterprising people prefer to make money. And what about you? Can you orient in free market? Can you run risks reasonably? Are you a spender, or, maybe, you are afraid to place your bet? Test yourself.

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