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    Can you be unfaithful to your husband? (20)
    Faithfulness is a sore point for some people. Maybe, the results of the test will comfort you, and you will disperse your fears. Probably your troubles are groundless.

    How do you treat your relatives? (18)
    As a rule life is made up of family, work, friends and interests. But family has always been a basis. How do we treat our family? Can we appreciate what they give us? This test will help you to answer these questions.

    How much time do you spend with your family? (15)
    Family and career is a dilemma arising before each person during all his life. But what about you? You will answer this question when you have done this test.

    Child's temperament (4)
    Answer the following the questions to find out what the temperament of your child is.

    Is your child ready for school? (18)
    This test is helpful for parents.

    The art of living with children (15)
    What is the art of upbringing? To look after children? Lessons? Or, maybe, attention, closeness of children and parents, which can solve any conflict? We offer this test for parents.

    The gifted child (38)
    This test contains David Lewis's advice, who summarized the experience of thousand families. Do you follow these postulates while raising children?

    Sociological psychology for children: logic and ethics (5)
    This test is intended to define child's sociological type. This will help to determine one of pair attributes. (Though, by such short test, it's difficult to say which of them prevails.:-).)

    Punishment for pranks (1)
    It is interesting to find out what punishment parents find the most effective, but their children - the most unjust one. In our childhood, after getting a good telling-off we all used to whisper ourselves 'It's unfair!' Observant parents, having found Achilles' heel of their child, get the effective method of having influence on their offspring. That doesn't matter if they master deliberate method. The important point is that abuse of punishment leads to distortion of child's self-expression. His further development is due to compensation - the child needs what he has been forbidden to do for a long while. When we are already grown-up, we are afraid of being deprived of our joys just like children. We protect ourselves from impingement on the most concealed things and restrict our joy. How did your parents punish you?

    You and your partner (10)
    What kind of woman are you? Credulous and subjected to influence, or resolute and relying only on yourself? Calm and even-tempered or having changeable mood? Can your partner rely on you? Or maybe he's already tired of your indecision? If you want to know yourself better, use this test

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