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    Your spouse (10)
    This test will show you whether you know your spouse or not.

    What husband you are (7)
    The test gives you the opportunity to understand what husband you are.

    Are you jealous? (8)
    The test identifies your jealousy level.

    Good parent? (10)
    Are you a good parent? Find it out with the help of this test.

    Jealousy (11)
    Moderate jealousy may break the routine of family life. But when it's excessive, it turns into a nightmare. Morbid jealousy destroys mutual understanding between spouses, and even influences work. So, are you jealous?

    You and your relatives-in-low (9)
    This test for women helps to identify if your relatives-in-low can spoil your life.

    What housewife you are (12)
    Find out whether you are a good housewife or not. Though there are no limits for perfection :-)

    How your children are brought up (10)
    Take this test and see whether your children are well brought up or not.

    Is your husband a romantic? (8)
    It is well known that there are no 2 persons alike. Nevertheless, every person is more or less romantic. Have you ever regarded your spouse from this point of view? Now, you have an opportunity to find out if your spouse is a romantic.

    Is your marriage stable? (30)
    On what stage is your relationship? The stability of family life depends mostly on mutual respect and individual psychological compatibility. Check it.

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