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    Estimation of achievement requirements (20)
    One of the main qualities of a person that influences all his life is an aspiration to improve results, dissatisfaction with achieved aims, persistence in achievement of purposes. You may estimate your level of motivation of achievement with the help of this test.

    Are you satisfied with your life? (14)
    Could you follow one of our famous contemporaries and say: 'If I had a choice to start the life again, I would choose my own life'. Can you? If you are not afraid of being disappointed in your life, please, answer the questions of this test.

    Can you manage? (14)
    This test determines whether you have abilities to be a manager

    How do you feel at work? (1)
    Check yourself!

    Why do you need money? (5)
    What is your attitude to money? Do you count every cent or like to carouse to the max? This test will help you to find the solution to this important problem in the life of every person.

    Can you control yourself? (10)
    Please, if you agree with the statement answer 'yes', if not - 'no'.

    Your priorities. (12)
    The test will help you to find out what is a priority for you in a professional sphere. Do you agree with the following statements?

    Are you ready to stress? (20)
    There are a lot of stresses in our life. Sometimes it is difficult to say what reaction you will have in different situations. Will you be able to cope with difficulties or stress will ruin you? This test will help you to estimate your strength of mind.

    What do people think of you at work? (15)
    What do your colleagues think of you? Are you a good worker or not? Please, answer "yes" or "no".

    Do you love yourself? (10)
    What is your attitude towards yourself? Let's find it out!

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