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    Can you lead a healthy way of living and work productively? (16)
    Is it possible to combine productive work activity and good health? Our test will help you to find out how successful you in it.

    Persistence (10)
    Persistence is one of the very important qualities that are necessary for some professions. The given test will help you to determine a degree of persistence in a sphere of business relations.

    The work will still be there tomorrow. (5)
    This test will help you to define your attitude to your work and the feedback that you have from it.

    Do people love you? (10)
    What is the attitude of associates towards you? Are you interesting to them? This test offers you to answer some questions to find out your human status.

    Are you a businesswoman? (5)
    "Encyclopedia of psychological tests".

    Are you a leader? (15)
    Probably, people are born to be leaders. Not everybody can rule, control and at the same time account for something. What type of person are you? Our test invites you to answer this question.

    You and money: are you a spender or a miser? (Test for women) (11)
    They say that woman and money are incompatible things. Maybe it is true because we need money only to spend it as soon as possible. And the difference only at what speed each of us do it And right now you may check up how quickly and rationally you do it.

    Can you sell? (12)
    Perhaps, a seller is the most democratic profession. Now we see that a sciences candidate, teacher, or a student may be engaged in the trade activity. But if you decided to change your activity and try yourself in trade, don't hurry. It is necessary to make sure, whether you have abilities to sell. Please, answer "yes" or "no'.

    An investor or a moneymaker? (14)
    This test helps to determine a degree of businessman qualities in a person.

    Are you cunning? (9)
    Are you prone to slyness and cunning? Or are you straight and uncompromising? Some professions require from the person the abilities to hide the feelings and intrigue rather than to work hard. Many people cannot play the double game. And what about you? What type of man are you? This test will help you to find it out.

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