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    Your successes at work. (9)
    Do you have all the qualities that let us succeed at work? This test will help you to figure it out.

    Don't you think you work too much? (18)
    Nowadays people are likely to sacrifice rest to work. As a result of constant stress there are ailments (high blood pressure, nervousness, headache, stomach ulcer) that are characteristic of civilization. This test will help you to find out if you overwork.

    Do you forget about work in your free time? (14)
    Of course the lion's share of their time people dedicate to work. That's what our life is today. But often people are completely unable to turn from one type of activity to another, especially concerning work and rest.

    Do you easily adapt on a new place? (6)
    An ability to adapt is a very important feature that is necessary to make a career. Answer the questions of this test and you will figure out whether you will face any psychological difficulties if you change your work place.

    Accident (15)
    Please, answer 'yes', or 'no' to the following questions.

    Your work time (8)
    Some people can work only in the morning. Others prefer to work in the afternoon. And some people do nothing during the whole day and start working in the evening. What about you? What group do you prefer?

    What kind of rest do you prefer? (15)
    Sometimes after days off you feel much more tired, than at the end of a working week. And it is not only because avitaminosis caught you exactly on Sunday. Most likely, you do not rest in the right way. And maybe you needn't watch all the Sunday TV programs; you'd better observe fishes in an aquarium. Or on the contrary, it is necessary to spend free time more actively to escape apathy? The answer to that question you will find in a minute when you go through all the questions of a test. And maybe your life will change to the best.

    Can you be engaged in trading activity? (12)
    It is rather difficult to find a job nowadays. We have very hard times. We offer you to find out whether you can be a seller. Please, answer "yes" or "no" on all questions.

    Are you lucky with your Boss? (11)
    As a rule, we do not choose our chiefs. And if your chief is a clever, self-restrained, square shooter, it means that you are very lucky. If he is quarrelsome, unbalanced, it means that you are not very lucky. But we are not angels too. And we can't blame for bosses all the time. Maybe you should think you're your behavior? Please, answer questions of our test and you will find out a lot of interesting information.

    "A beginner-millionaire" (12)
    Do you have any chances to become a millionaire?

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