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    Handshake (1)
    The way people shake hands often tell us something about their personality or their state of mind at a given time

    No chair (1)
    Take this simple test before going to interview for a new job

    Who am I? What am I? (7)
    Do you want to know whether you have business acumen? Then this test is for you!

    Are you lazy? (10)
    Laziness is considered to be an inalienable feature of the Russian character. How do you size up yourself in this respect? Are you ready to active work? Let's find it out with the help of our test.

    Career. (10)
    Are you ambitious and want to climb the ladder? What aims do you set? How much will you sacrifice for the sake of their achievement? Our test will help you to answer these questions.

    Family and career. (12)
    This test helps to find out what is more important for you: relations with close people or success at work. Tell us, please, if you agree with the following statements.

    You and your work. (10)
    This test determines importance of work in your life and how organized and accurate you are.

    What work do you prefer? (10)
    The test will help you to define what is better for you: work alone or in a big team.

    Is money of great importance to you? (6)
    For some people money is a freedom and confidence in the future. Others do not pay much attention to financial problems. And what about you?

    Does your work suit you? (10)
    Are you satisfied with your work? Do your earnings suffice you and you would not like to lose it? And in your opinion, how good do you manage to cope with your duties? We offer you to think it over with the help of our test.

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