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    How reasonable are you? (12)
    Being reasonable is one of the guarantees for peaceful life. Check yourself with the help of our test.

    What is your self-esteem? (18)
    Check if your self-esteem represents the real facts.

    What is your price? (10)
    Incorruptibility is a valuable feature. Sometimes we don't know if we have it ourselves. Until there is a chance to check it. Our test will help you to understand this side of your personality. Give yes/no answers.

    Who am I? (15)
    This test is only for women. There is a set of statements, which describe the typical behaviour and emotions in different situations. Read them carefully, answer honestly and you'll learn who you are - an advocate, a witness, defendant or prosecutor.

    Let's live on grand scale (5)
    Is it good to have much money? Of course it is. For some people money is the meaning of their lives. But is it the only thing that can make you happy? Luxury, things expensive cars and pin money are not of the same value to all people. And what about you? On answering these questions you will definitely learn something new about yourself.

    Night Owl or Morning Lark (8)
    This test defines your circadian rhythms.

    Money is not the most important thing in life for you? (10)
    What rules the world - money, hunger or love? This question has been on peoples' mind for hundreds (and even thousand) years. Alas, but the answer hasn't been found yet. Of course, each of us tries to find our own solution, but sometimes it's hard to be honest even with yourself. Try find the answer with the help of this test.

    Aren't you too vulnerable? (15)
    During the whole our life we learn to control our feelings, and sometimes we don't realize how vulnerable we are. Try to answer the questions as sincere as possible, and you will find out how sensitive you are.

    Test for fat people (14)
    Do you know why you put on weight? Perhaps it's your destiny or constitution. But what if you are to blame? Let's answer these questions

    Do you respect yourself? (10)
    People behave towards us according to our own behaviour. Let's see if you respect yourself. Give yes/no answers.

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