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    Are you independent enough? (4)
    Check if you are able to take decisions.

    Are you a sinner? (10)
    There are no innocent people. Each of us has done sins great or small. The only consolation is that there are people who can be called great sinners. Give yes/no questions.

    Do you respect yourself? (5)
    The test gives an opportunity to think about such problems as respect and self-respect. Probably, it'll help to raise your self-esteem.

    How sincere are you? (10)
    Psychologists have counted that on average a common person lies at least twice a day. More often the truth is embroidered or distorted; or a person prefer to keep silence, and it's not very honest behaviour too. Let's try to find out how sincere you are with people and with yourself.

    Do you know how to be happy? (10)
    The test reveals your ability to be happy.

    Do you easily become friends with other people? (8)
    Do you feel at ease in any situation? Are you of those people who are believed to be easy going? Try to find out if you are such a person.

    Cry me a river? (12)
    Do you cry at night in your pillow? Tears are running down your cheeks, when you are sad? Answer the test's questions to find out the level of your 'cryability'.

    Romanticism and dreams? (5)
    What is romanticism for you? This test will help you to find out whether you are a reasonable person or you are got used to be up in the clouds.

    Your attitude towards holidays. (15)
    Do you like holidays? Can you be the life and soul of the party? Let's find it out!

    Give me a present and I'll be able to judge your character. (10)
    There is hardly a person who doesn't like getting presents. But it is as pleasant to give presents to your friends and relatives. It's easier to choose a present, if you know the likes and dislikes of the person who you want to give it. However, your present shows your own taste too. Do you want to check it?

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