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    Who are you for her? (14)
    Let's check?

    Logic/ ethics (17)
    This test is for those who want to determine if he is inclined to logic or to ethics. In each pair of sentences mark the one you are agree with.

    Your self-esteem (10)
    The test defines your self-esteem.

    Are you afraid to go beyond the boundaries of routine? (12)
    Is it true that prudence and carefulness are useful in all situations? Or they can only make from people irresolute cowards? Some people like comfort and thus they are very careful before making a decision, some people think over and over: and let others decide for them after all. And someone seems to think about nothing at all and rely on a chance.

    Ability to listen (16)
    There are 16 questions below. Answer them without thinking!

    Are you attentive? (15)
    This test determines your ability to be attentive.

    How sincere are you? (10)
    Psychologists have counted that on average a common person lies at least twice a day. More often the truth is embroidered or distorted; or a person prefer to keep silence, and it's not very honest behaviour too. Let's try to find out how sincere you are with people and with yourself.

    Romanticism and dreams? (5)
    What is romanticism for you? This test will help you to find out whether you are a reasonable person or you are got used to be up in the clouds.

    Can you achieve what you want? (6)
    At your work or with your friend - you need to act skillfully to get your wishes fulfilled. Do you manage to do it?

    Aren't you too vulnerable? (15)
    During the whole our life we learn to control our feelings, and sometimes we don't realize how vulnerable we are. Try to answer the questions as sincere as possible, and you will find out how sensitive you are.

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