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    We are birds of different feather. (15)
    The test defines personality portrait of the test respondent.

    Are you afraid to go beyond the boundaries of routine? (12)
    Is it true that prudence and carefulness are useful in all situations? Or they can only make from people irresolute cowards? Some people like comfort and thus they are very careful before making a decision, some people think over and over: and let others decide for them after all. And someone seems to think about nothing at all and rely on a chance.

    Are You Attentive? (15)
    This test identifies the level of your attentiveness.

    The limits of your resolution (11)
    Each day we make more or less important decisions. Sometimes we have time to think about what we should do, sometimes we need to respond immediately. As any other quality, resolution has its limits. Long hesitation in a critical moment does no good, as well as too much haste. This test can help you to determine how resolute you are. Give yes/no answers

    What is your attitude towards yourself? (6)
    Do you like yourself? Do you know that love to yourself and self-respect help people to protect themselves against anguish. This test will help you understand how much you are satisfied with your life.

    Are you dynamic person? (16)
    There are very dynamic people: they are always in a hurry, accomplish several tasks at once, and still they feel that 24 hour day is not enough. Others live unhurriedly and at the end of the day they have time to have a walk. And they are happy in their calmness. And you? Are you dynamic or contemplative? Give yes/no answers.

    The air of a festival (1)
    The process of buying presents for your friends, foretaste of the long expected meeting with your friends and relatives, expectation of something new - all these things pleasantly excite imagination. A holyday is the stimulus to change the life routine. And on the one hand holiday is a kind of ritual, common for everybody. On the other hand, it touches the intimate depth of our souls. The kind festival atmosphere with all the flowers, music, and jokes make us feel better and give us strength for life.

    Your will-power. (13)
    What is your will power? Answer the test questions with maximum objectivity and remember - it's only a self-examination.

    How tolerant are you? (9)
    The test aim is to estimate your tolerance.

    What can tell about you your favourite flower? (1)
    The beauty of flowers is their magic gift. Looking at flowers, feeling their smell a human being turns better, kinder, with enriched heart. Flowers are the best mediators between people. Flowers accompany us throughout our lives, give us joy and embody love and attention. Also flowers can tell a lot about a person - it's not occasionally we prefer certain flowers to another. And it's not the matter of their smell, colour, and shape, it's the matter of the soul.

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