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    Are you imperious person? (14)
    Do you dream about power? Do you feel the need to rule somebody?

    We are birds of different feather. (15)
    The test defines personality portrait of the test respondent.

    Are you a good psychologist? (10)
    Each of us has to appraise other people. Certainly, it's not easy to be objective about it. The given test will help you to find out, if you have abilities in the field of psychology, the skill to appreciate people at their true value or you are often wrong.

    Morning wake up (1)
    We are used to link the way of waking up with circadian rhythms, in other words, with rhythms of sleep and wake. And what if the way we wake up reflexes the pulse of our life on the whole? Then you need to know if you live within your own inner time or force it. Is it interesting to learn about it?

    Your sociability (16)
    Check how sociable you are.

    Are you an artistic person? (24)
    Some people like drawing. The others can listen to music all day long. These people usually are very attentive to everything around them. In other words, they love beauty. In their view, Art make life better. And there are people for whom these things are unnecessary and useless.

    How tolerant are you? (9)
    The test aim is to estimate your tolerance.

    Your will-power. (13)
    What is your will power? Answer the test questions with maximum objectivity and remember - it's only a self-examination.

    How cunning are you? (9)
    Give yes/no answers.

    Who are you for her? (14)
    Let's check?

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