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    Are you imperious person? (14)
    Do you dream about power? Do you feel the need to rule somebody?

    Your sociability (16)
    Check how sociable you are.

    World perception (9)
    We all live in one world but we perceive it differently. Do you want to know how your world looks like?

    Are you a good psychologist? (10)
    Each of us has to appraise other people. Certainly, it's not easy to be objective about it. The given test will help you to find out, if you have abilities in the field of psychology, the skill to appreciate people at their true value or you are often wrong.

    Can you enjoy life? (15)
    The test identifies you ability to feel joys of life.

    Logic/ ethics (17)
    This test is for those who want to determine if he is inclined to logic or to ethics. In each pair of sentences mark the one you are agree with.

    Do you suffer from superiority complex? (19)
    Many of us have already seen people who consider themselves more intelligent, and more significant than others. It is one of the most disgusting and repulsive traits of character one can imagine.

    Do you possess dignity? (10)
    We've heard for so many times that a human being has to possess dignity! If the person is too uninteresting to respect himself, he is hardly to find friends. Are you sure about your own dignity? Find it out!

    To guide or to be guided? (12)
    Each of us is subjected to certain influence, and influences others as well. If you want to know whether you possess the ability to influence others, try this test!

    Problems with alcohol? (10)
    This brief test will show whether you have alcohol problem or not.

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