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    Are you trying to hide from reality? (10)
    Some people are always up in the clouds. The others are so down to earth that can see only mud on their shoes. And can you keep the balance? Give yes/ no answers.

    Your hobbies (13)
    If you consider people dedicating all their free time to their favourite hobby, then this test is not for you.

    Do you resist the others' opinion? (14)
    Do you consider yourself a person independent from public opinion? Have you ever been in situations when you behaved against your mind and intuition? Don't wait for a fatal moment, get ready in advance. This test will help you to define if you can resist the others

    World perception (9)
    We all live in one world but we perceive it differently. Do you want to know how your world looks like?

    What does friendship mean for you? (14)
    Are you able to appreciate friends? Is there a person who can call you a close friend?

    To guide or to be guided? (12)
    Each of us is subjected to certain influence, and influences others as well. If you want to know whether you possess the ability to influence others, try this test!

    A sail or a vane? (8)
    Some people consider themselves to be the masters of their fate. Others rather admit that they are just toys of mutable Fortune. And what is your standpoint?

    Is it comfortable to communicate with you? (11)
    Test defines your communication behaviour.

    The limits of your resolution (11)
    Each day we make more or less important decisions. Sometimes we have time to think about what we should do, sometimes we need to respond immediately. As any other quality, resolution has its limits. Long hesitation in a critical moment does no good, as well as too much haste. This test can help you to determine how resolute you are. Give yes/no answers

    Do you possess dignity? (10)
    We've heard for so many times that a human being has to possess dignity! If the person is too uninteresting to respect himself, he is hardly to find friends. Are you sure about your own dignity? Find it out!

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