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    Do you easily yield to temptation? (5)
    Do you easily yield to temptation?We often face temptations in our everyday life. It can be a too nutritious cake, or alcohol drink in working hours, or idleness instead of physical activity. Are you able to resist temptation? That is the question of this test.

    Your hobbies (13)
    If you consider people dedicating all their free time to their favourite hobby, then this test is not for you.

    A sail or a vane? (8)
    Some people consider themselves to be the masters of their fate. Others rather admit that they are just toys of mutable Fortune. And what is your standpoint?

    Don't idolize anyone. (5)
    People depending on the others are prone to fanaticism. Are you one of such people?

    Are you generous with others? (7)
    Someone said: 'Generosity will always find its admirers but rarely - followers.' The test will show you how generous you are towards others.

    Are you trying to hide from reality? (10)
    Some people are always up in the clouds. The others are so down to earth that can see only mud on their shoes. And can you keep the balance? Give yes/ no answers.

    Who are you for her? (14)
    Let's check?

    Dream (1)
    The test gives you an interesting way to find out more about yourself.

    What does friendship mean for you? (14)
    Are you able to appreciate friends? Is there a person who can call you a close friend?

    Are you a kind person? (11)
    There are different people. Some of them are ready to give you their last possessions, the others won't do you the slightest favour. And what about you?

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