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    Can you put a spell on people? (6)
    People consider that person nice, who can create warm atmosphere in a friendly circle. Are you a charming person? Or you are annoyed and grumble too often? Test yourself!

    Are you people-oriented? (10)
    The test identifies the type of your personality concerning the way of communication you prefer

    Cynicism or sentimentality (9)
    It's hard to survive for sensitive and sentimental people in the jungle of modern life. On the other hand, cynic is risking losing inner harmony. And what are you?

    Scents and personality (1)
    Some people like flower perfume the others hate it. What does it depend on? The thing is that different types of personality prefer different smells. Check yourself!

    How tolerant are you towards people? (5)
    Do you often lose your temper and raise your voice talking to people? Do you try hard to control yourself and not get annoyed because of people's insignificant demerits? This test will help you to understand how tolerant you are towards others.

    Do you easily yield to temptation? (5)
    Do you easily yield to temptation?We often face temptations in our everyday life. It can be a too nutritious cake, or alcohol drink in working hours, or idleness instead of physical activity. Are you able to resist temptation? That is the question of this test.

    Don't idolize anyone. (5)
    People depending on the others are prone to fanaticism. Are you one of such people?

    Are your views conservative or radical? (9)
    This test determines the direction of the personality.

    Can you enjoy life? (15)
    The test identifies you ability to feel joys of life.

    How strong is your character? (19)
    We are all different people with different fates and different characters. This test is able to reflect to a certain extent the essence of your character.

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