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    The mystery of scribbles. (1)
    Two thirds of people, when talking over the phone pick up a pen, and against our will little houses, flowers, letters appear on paper, and we pay no attention to it. But these casual drawings are real traitors. They reveal your real feelings: your secretly kept sadness and wishes, hidden anger and indifference. And it is not only content of your scribbles that is important, but also how the picture is drawn , what lines are used, how careful they are made.

    Do you have imagination? (11)
    The contemporary life is full of events which seemed fantastic. The objects of our imagination are changing, but a human being continues fantasizing.

    Are you a gambler? (13)
    This test identifies your inclination to gambling.

    Are you able keep secrets? (6)
    How do you think, can people take you into their confidence? Has it happened that you couldn't help sharing your knowledge with somebody? In a word - are you able to keep secrets?

    An elephant or a mammoth? (12)
    Some people like hot summer, some people prefer snowy winter, and feel discomfort in other season. Psychologist call people adoring summer 'elephants' (this animal can't sand the temperature below +18 C). And those loving winter are called 'mammoth' (for their adaptability to frost and hatred to hot weather). Find out who you are! Give yes/no answers.

    Are you selfish? (7)
    People strive for money, pleasures, success, and often don't think about others. Those who concentrate on themselves, often miss a very important point - other people and their attitude towards you. And how about you?

    Don't make me angry (11)
    Do you often quarrel? Arguments are your favorite pastime? This test will help you to know your level of aggressiveness.

    Are you a gentleman? (4)
    On answering the questions of this test, men will find out if they need etiquette classes or they are true gentlemen.

    Are you inclined to be dependant? (15)
    How independent are you in your deeds and decisions? Can you be called an independent person? This test considers these questions.

    Are you ready to risk? (18)
    This test identifies the level of your readiness to risk.

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